• Active Directory installed on your Windows Server 2019.
  • Administrative credentials.


  1. Open Active Directory Users and Computers:

    • Press Win + X and select "Active Directory Users and Computers" from the menu.
  2. Locate the User:

    • In the Active Directory Users and Computers window, expand the domain and navigate to the "Users" folder or the appropriate container where the user is located.
  3. Change User Password:

    • Find the user for whom you want to change the password.
    • Right-click on the user, choose "Reset Password."
  4. Enter a New Password:

    • Enter a new password for the user.
    • Ensure it complies with any password security policies configured.
  5. Confirm Changes:

    • Click "OK" or "Apply" to confirm the changes.
  6. Notify the User of the Change:

    • Inform the user about the password change so they can log in using the new password.

This is how you change a user password in Active Directory on a Windows Server 2019. Please note that the exact steps and options may vary slightly depending on your server configuration and group policies. Always follow best practices and refer to official Microsoft documentation for more detailed information.

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