• Windows Server 2019 installed on your machine.
  • Server connected to the network with a static IP address.


  1. Open Server Manager:

    • Click on the "Windows" icon on the bottom left.
    • Select "Server Manager."
  2. Add Role and Features:

    • In Server Manager, click on "Manage" and then select "Add Roles and Features."
    • Click "Next" until you reach the "Select server roles" screen.
    • Choose "Active Directory Domain Services" and follow the prompts to install the required features.
  3. Promote to a Domain Controller:

    • After installation, a notification will appear. Click on "Promote this server to a domain controller."
    • Choose "Add a new forest" if you are creating a new domain or "Add a domain controller to an existing forest" if you are adding to an existing one.
    • Enter the required information, including the Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) password.
  4. DNS Options:

    • If DNS is not already installed, the wizard will prompt you to install it. Choose "Install and configure the DNS server on this computer" if not already selected.
  5. Additional Options:

    • Configure additional options such as the NetBIOS name and paths for the AD DS database, log files, and SYSVOL.
  6. Review and Install:

    • Review your selections and click "Next."
    • The wizard will run a prerequisite check. If everything is in order, click "Install."
  7. Completion:

    • After the installation is complete, the server will restart.
    • Log in with your domain administrator credentials.

You have now successfully installed Active Directory on your Windows Server 2019 machine.

Please note that this is a simplified guide, and you should always refer to the official Microsoft documentation for detailed instructions and any updates.

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